Contest 2013

The next Contest will be open on March 2nd and 3rd for guitar, oboe and violoncello players.
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Close of the registrations in February 8th, 2013

-Results of the February competition (18 & 19 February 2012):-

Clarinet, violin and trombone.

The laureates are:
1st grand prize of the Festival and Pierre Salvi prize of the General Council of Val d’Oise:
-Miss Floriane Tardy (clarinet), 24 years old, France-

2nd Grand prize of the Festival:
-M. Thomas Lefort (violin), 17 years old, France-

3rd grand prize of the Festival and the Jean-Paul Neu prize of Ville d'Enghien les Bains
for the best interpretation of the imposed contemporary work:

-M. Nicolas Desvois (trombone), 26 years old, France-

Runner up:
-M. Shuichi Okada (violin), 16 years, Japan-

Jury’s special prize:
-M. Benjamin Fontaine (clarinet), 16 years old, France -


From left to right: Nicolas Bacri, president of the jury and compositor, Floriane Tardy (1st prize), Jean-Claude Noyer, Mayor of Deuil la Barre, Thomas Lefort (2nd prize), Daniel Faidherbe, artistic director and founder of FMAJI, Nicolas Desvois (3rd prize), Shuichi Okada (runner up) and Benjamin Fontaine (Jury’s special prize).)

From left to right: Nicolas Desvois (3rd prize),
Floriane Tardy (1st prize), Thomas Lefort (2nd prize).